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Integrated CDL has been in business since 2012, helping people transition into a new career, and upgrade to better paying jobs. We take our job seriously, and are in it to help you succeed.

We take a serious and practical approach to education, helping you to be successful quickly without frills. Learn what you need to know, practice what you need to do. We’ll give you guidance along the way to help you be successful no matter the job you choose.

Get the CDL you want, to work the job you want

― Small Group sizes

Working in small groups gives you the flexibility to ask questions and work together as a team to find success.

― Connections in the Industry

We have ties in the commercial community with local partners, as well as long-haul providers, to help you find a position shortly after successfully passing your CDL tests.

― experienced trainers

Our trainers have an assorted background of experience in the Commercial Vehicle world, from running gravel to over-the-road to mass transit systems and private services.

― Unlimited Possibilities

Beyond over-the-road and daily delivery routes, there are hundreds of possibilities of jobs. Working on movie sets, transporting human organs for transplants, complex mega-load transports, private couriers, chauffeurs, etc.

Regulatory Requirements


What they say

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) implemented a law in 2022 requiring Entry Level Driver Training for all new CDL holders, candidates that want to upgrade to a Class A or B license, or obtain HazMat, Passenger or School Bus endorsements for the first time. There are 3 components to this: Theory (classroom), Range (driving in a controlled environment) and Behind-the-Wheel (driving on roadways).

What this means for you

If you want to get a CDL for the first time, or upgrade to a Class A or B from a Class C license, then you will need to go through required courses from a registered training provider.

Integrated CDL is a Registered Training Provider with the FMCSA for all classes and endorsements found in Montana.


How long is the class?

Our full package takes about 8 weeks to complete. Groups with specific vehicles and permits already in hand can complete specific licensing in as little as a week.

Do I have to take a drug and alcohol test?

Drug and Alcohol tests are required to start the program, and commercial drivers are randomly selected throughout the year to test. No drugs, no blood alcohol content (BAC).

What commitment is required?

We commit to showing up to help you succeed, we ask that you show up to class on time, and study hard.

How much do classes cost?

See our Classes page for more information under each class type. There are funding sources to help subsidize for individuals that meet the criteria.

How do I get started?

Contact us to see when the next class is. info@integratedcdl.com or 405-250-7305

What results can I expect?

Students that have the aptitude and desire to get their CDL, will get their CDL.


When our doors are open, we are working. We are open Monday - Thursday, and we work hard to get back to you quickly. As a small business, we are all working diligently on some aspect of the business nearly every day of the week, but we do respect our personal time off. If you are looking to start a class tomorrow, you didn't prepare quite soon enough!